Training courses

These advanced-level training courses explore the PhD student’s research specialization (in private law, public law, law history, political science, information and communication sciences).
Each DSP PhD student must complete 100 equivalent hours of training in order to defend his/her thesis, according to this equivalency table.
These usually take the form of cross-disciplinary training courses.
The doctoral school offers several types of training courses designed to deepen PhD students’ training and to help them prepare for their post-doctoral career. PhD students must take at least 100 hours of training courses during their thesis preparation.

Field-specific training courses

Disciplinary training courses are organized by the doctoral school. These courses provide scientific instruction within the student’s research specialization. All students need do is register in the “AMETHIS” application for Brittany-based PhD students or the “LUNAM Docteur” application for Loire-based students.

These are “outward-looking” courses in management, ethics, preparing one’s professional career, etc.


Cross-disciplinary training courses

Cross-disciplinary training courses are offered by both the Doctorate School and the Site Doctoral Centres.


Information is sent as it becomes available to the PhD students by e-mail. For further information, please e-mail: dsp-edatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr
You can consult the training courses offered by the DSP Doctoral School by consulting the school’s home-page course calendar.